“A Daughter may outgrow your lap, but she will never outgrow your heart.”
The above quote must be relatable to most of the fathers as well as mothers of the beautiful daughters they gave birth. Being a parent, it is a duty to secure a future for them and let them keep their heads higher than their heels and that is why we have introduced our new scheme Vaibhav Bitiya Yojna Plan in Jaipur with the objective to lay a firm foundation for girls for the future improvements in educational and economic status for them. Vaibhav Bitiya Yojna services is a term deposit plan where the depositor will get ₹18500/- on the fixed deposit of ₹10000/- for a period of 5 years. Below are the explained details to get you well-equipped with the idea of this scheme.

Vaibhav Bitiya Yojna Jaipur

Scheme Benefit:

Return of 18500/- on Fixed deposit of 10000/-

Time Period of Deposit:

The amount should be deposited for 5 years to the institution for the successful enrolment to Vaibhav Bitiya Yojna schemes in India.

Initial Deposit:

The amount accepted to avail the Vaibhav Bitiya Yojna in Jaipur is 10000/-

Amount on Maturity:

On maturity, the depositor will get 18500/- on deposit of 10000/-

Premature Payments

On pre-maturity request by the depositor; after three months of the deposit, the depositor shall not be entitled to any interest up to period of six months from the date of deposit. The interest payable for the remaining period after six months shall be payable by the ordinarily agreed/applicable rate of interest (i.e. rate of interest payable which the company would have ordinarily paid, had the deposit been accepted for the period from which such deposit had run) reduced by two percent (2%).